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Our Beginning

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Before becoming the owner of Calling All Paws, I spent 25 years working “for the man” in corporate America: commuting, managing partners and deadlines, and scheduling work-life balance in PTO increments. Throughout the years, I was greeted at the end of each day by my family which, along with humans, also included my brood of six dogs, three cats, three birds, and seven ducks. I always looked forward to the next challenge and the next foster dog. Of course, this love of animals was passed on to all my children.

Let’s fast forward to May 2015, when life demanded a fresh start and a simpler, more fulfilling career. Calling All Paws was the place where my son, Christian, had established a devoted following as a Master Groomer, and his employer, Sharon, after building a solid foundation at Calling All Paws, was ready for her next life phase... world travel.

And with that, I said good bye to corporate life and Calling All Paws became the family owned business that it is today. At our salon, everyone comes to work with an epic appreciation and love for the relationship between a pet and its human. I want our clients to come in feeling comfortable with the love, care and attention shown their pet . Honestly, I don’t even like the word "pet" because at Calling All Paws dogs and cats are part of the extended family… and family needs to look good.


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Master Groomer

One of my first friends was a three-legged dog. True story. At a young age, I realized I was never happier than when I was surrounded by animals, and that is why I began pursuing my career in grooming while still in high school. I put 100% of myself into doing what I love and my passion for grooming has only grown over the last 10+ years.

I approach each grooming with a calm and gentle demeanor, and understand that dogs and cats read people much like people read people. I believe my gentle touch and quick hands produce exceptional results even for highly stressed animals. Everyone wants to be understood, and I pride myself on earning your dog’s (or cat’s) love and trust.

Self admittedly, I am very meticulous and make no excuses about my attention to detail. My clients deserve the very best service, and the peace of mind knowing that their family is my family. I’ve had clients travel from other states to bring their dogs or cats in for a fresh cut and no one should have to travel even one mile if they aren’t getting high quality results.

My family of friends currently includes four dogs (two Pitbulls, Chevy and Blue; and two Chihuahuas, Kiwi and Shorty), three cats, a squirrel and several chickens.


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I cannot remember a time when I did not have pets. For the last 8 years, I’ve had a Pitbull breed named Coco. She has been like a child to me ever since she was born. I first started thinking of becoming a groomer while I was working in retail, and saw how the groomers were able to handle dogs. Honestly, it amazed me how polished and dapper the dogs looked when they were done being groomed. I started my career in grooming as a bather at the grooming salon at a large retail pet store. Within just a few months, I was able to attend and graduate from grooming school. I worked for two years as a groomer at the store, with a focus on learning as much as possible about the craft. I decided to leave the large retail pet world and find a grooming salon where I could spend the time required to groom a dog in the way it should be done, rather than having a quota of a certain number of dogs during my shift.

I love my job, and continue to find ways to learn more about the art of grooming – which makes each new experience very rewarding for me. I enjoy working with all types of dogs, even the stubborn ones. I always try to make the dogs as comfortable as possible, and work hard to build trust with them so they are not stressed. I treat each one like they are my own. I love giving them a fresh look, and making them feel their best so they can be proud to see their owners when they come to pick them up from the salon.



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I am a longtime animal lover and pet owner. Ever since I was a child, we owned dogs, with my parents impressing upon me to be kind and love all animals. I am instilling the same belief into my three children with our pets, Ranger (a German Shepherd mix), Crixus (Presa Canario), both rescues, and finally, Freddy our turtle. Freddy was found in our neighbor’s yard after a bad summer storm a few years ago, so he is also a rescue.

I have been bathing pets since I was young and have always enjoyed the hands-on one-on-one you have with dogs while bathing. My goal is to make the bath and drying process as enjoyable as I can for everyone’s pets. I love the wagging tails, kisses I get while bathing and the overall joy in seeing a pet enjoy their time with me.

In addition to my children and family, dogs are my life.

We provide pawsitive experiences!
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